Loopring Loopring


Current price
$0.555022 (-0.92%)
Newscrypto Rating
7.0 / 10
Total Value Locked 24H
in USD 36.61M -2.37%
in ETH 48.62K -5.2%
1.26K -8.06%
ETH Locked 114.05M -755
% Supply Locked 0.01%
Blockchain Ethereum
Most Locked ETH
Protocol Token LRC

Total value locked in Loopring

Project Overview

Loopring (LRC) is an open protocol for scalable non-custodial exchanges on Ethereum. The Loopring protocol smart contracts and zero-knowledge proof circuits allow the building of high-performance DEXes using a zkRollup construction.

This allows for higher throughput and lower settlement costs without sacrificing Ethereum-level security guarantees. LRC token can be staked by holders to earn protocol fees, and by DEXes as a bond to follow protocol-defined behaviour.

Technical analysis

Technical Analysis in progress...


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